Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Eye Candy Series"-#3/ Candy Corn, oil painting by Vonnie Kohn, Thanksgiving, small works

"Eye Candy Series, # 3/ Candy Corn"

4 x 4"

Gallery wrap (no frame needed)

$ 50

Thanksgiving is upon us!

In the United States we celebrate this  time of year when our forefathers celebrated their first year at Plymouth, Massachusetts during the 1600's with a time of Thanksgiving. There is a story in which food was so scarce that most days the Pilgrims only had a daily ration of 5 kernels of corn apiece.  The Pilgrims, refusing to give in to despair chose to trust in God, regardless of their circumstances. They considered these kernels of corn as a blessing. I chose to depict "Candy Corn" as commemorative of the stedfastness of our forefathers during this Thanksgiving season...let US be thankful!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eye Candy Series-# 2, "Bon-Bon" , oil painting by Vonnie Kohn

"Eye Candy Series" # 2-Bon Bon
4 x 4" gallery wrap, needs no frame
Oil Painting
$ 50

Many years ago, I used to work as a "packer" for a well-known candy company. That meant I placed a piece of chocolate candy into a paper foil and packed it into a fancy box. I had to learn to do this rapidly because the box was on a conveyor belt & moved along. The trick was to put "x" number of candies in proper order in the box before it moved along the belt. Much later after this job, I saw a Lucille Ball show in which she did the same thing. She didn't move fast enough & began stuffing candy down her blouse to make up for lost time. I did not have to resort to that method but learned that my real calling was art, not that of a "candy packer." Nevertheless, it was an experience that brought this bon-bon to a pleasant memory..enjoy.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Eye Candy Series"-#1, Chocolate Covered Cherry by Vonnie Kohn, Christmas candy, small works

"Eye Candy" # 1
Chocolate Covered Cherry
Small works..4x 4"
Oil on gallery wrap (no frame needed)
$ 50-available

When I was much younger, a box of chocolate covered cherries was the ultimate treat at Christmas time. As the holiday season draws near, I am reminded of this candy as I pass through the stores, listening to Christmas music (can you believe it's not even Thanksgiving yet?). I was asked to do a few "Candy" paintings for a candy company to exhibit through the holidays and it inspired me to do a whole series from the pleasant memories I had as a child. Feast for the eyes..."Eye Candy"
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Equine Expo Show with Weatherford Art Association, Vonnie Kohn

Whew! What a busy November it's been. A trio of members from our art guild (Karon Richardson, Julie Lawther, and myself) hosted a booth at the Teskey's Equine Expo in Weatherford, Texas early this month. In Texas, we are experiencing an unseasonal heat in the month of November. My "summer tan" came a little late during this show..aka, "boiled lobster" status. We had much fun, good sales, and a raffle which was a fund raiser for our art group. It included 3 (excited) winners for a Christmas ornament with a painted horse (or small pet) of the owner. There was also a re-enactment group (with a jail) next to our booth & a Country/ Western band to provide entertainment. I was careful not to get some time in "jail." What a good day for sharing our art with others.