Friday, June 13, 2008

"Wings of Gold"

How majestic is the golden eagle! He is larger than the bald eagle with a wing span up to 7 feet. While in the Yellowstone National Park, we rounded a curve overlooking a steep cliff and suddenly had to stop because this golden eagle flew around that curve and straight in front of our van. His back was facing us and the sun brillantly shown on the back of his outstretched wings, turning them to a beautiful bronze. My heart leaped at the sight. The incident had to be memorized because it occurred too quickly to grab a camera. This is another study in the series "Birds of Prey." It is an oil on canvas, 8 x 10" in size.

Price: $ 175

"King of His Domain"

The bald eagle is a symbol of our nation. While traveling through the Yellowstone National Park, I was privileged to observe this beautiful eagle as he perched in one of those stately huge oaks in the park. A study for a much larger painting, it is an oil on canvas, 8 x 10" in size. This painting is the first in a series of paintings entitled, "Birds of Prey," which was part of a Wildlife Museum show near Dallas, Texas.
Price: $ 175

"Unscheduled Rest Stop"

This painting, an oil on canvas, 24 x 30, was inspired by a trip through the vast wilderness in West Texas. It reminded me of the history of the pioneers who traveled by stagecoach in the 1800's. The sheer raw beauty of the land contrasts with the determination of those who blazed the early trails of transportation. Because of the distance between stagecoach outposts and the heat, it was sometimes necessary to let the animals take a "breather" and rest. It also gave the passengers time to ease aching muscles from the bumps and ruts in the wagon trails, among other things.
Price: $500-glicee; original available

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Journey of the Enduring Spirit"

Everyone has a journey through this life, starting with the cradle. How we respond to the unexpected on this journey shapes and molds our destiny. This is an oil-on-linen canvas, 24 x 30, of a Native American and his daughter. The figures are moving "into" the composition, signifying a look forward into the future. They are members of the Seminole nation-the only Native Americans known to have never entered into a treaty with the intruders of land expansion. This painting is a tribute to the delicate balance between man and his environment-the human spirit that never gives up, no matter the odds. Price: $ 750 (glicee on canvas)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Echo Canyon"

As a painter of landscapes, portraits, and wildlife, I look for inspiration in my travels. I paint "en plein air" whenever possible. "Echo Canyon" , near Chama, New Mexico, is both restful and spiritual. The calm, quiet atmosphere of this place provided a tranquil setting in which to set up my easel. And, as I began painting, the stillness provided a setting for the birds and small animals to approach and accept my presence. My father always said, "be still and let nature invade your soul..."
This is a painting done from a plein air study as an oil on canvas, 18 x 24. It has also become available as a glicee`.
Price: $ 350 (glicee`) Original is available