Friday, August 12, 2011

"New Paintings at the Doss Museum" Vonnie Kohn, contemporary western landscape, Native art

I've been accepted!

Welcome news... from the curator of the Doss Heritage & Culture Museum in Weatherford, Tx--a town also known as the "cutting horse capital" of the world. The exhibit will be the month of September, 2011.  These paintings will be available for sale during the show.

I have just included "Cactus Heat" in my previous post (see below), but the second painting is not a is a skilled drawing on a metal plate, etched with acid baths, and then printed on a specially prepared rag paper. It is one of a limited edition of 20 etchings. (which means when the edition is completed, the plate will be destroyed).

This Etching is entitled: "A Rich Heritage." The image was inspired by many trips to
family gatherings, otherwise known as Powwows, as I observed the matriarchs in their finest Native American jewelry, fans, and prayer shawls. (The prayer shawl is required to step into the ring for is a sign of respect.)

Custom Frame size: 20 x 24
Neutral tone, triple-cut mat

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