Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spanish Collection of Oils by Vonnie Kohn, at Beto's Restaurant

Anna, Beto, & Vonnie Kohn
In Texas, we have a wonderful cuisine known as Tex-Mex. Near us is a place known as Beto's Restaurant. The owner, Beto Garza, is also the chef, while his wife is hostess. We came to know Beto when he was employed at another local restaurant in our town. His excellent cooking left its mark on our community. When he became a proprietor of his own place, we found ourselves as faithful customers once again.

His blank walls became a "canvas" for my paintings to hang. Here is one of them,  a 24 x 48" gallery wrapped canvas whose subject is one of five main Spanish Missions located on the "Mission Trail" in San Antonio, Tx.

Owners, Anna and Beto
I later added 2 smaller paintings to his collection. There is another works-in-progress, entitled, "La Golondrina" which is soon coming.
If you find yourself in the area (about 25 mi. west of Ft. Worth, Tx.), they are located at 1272 Hwy 199 E., Ste. 101 in a small shopping center on the top of the hill. It is one of those quaint little places in Texas that you encounter on a day trip...stop bye, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! Their phone # is: 817-677-4127 if you need further directions.

Friday, August 12, 2011

"New Paintings at the Doss Museum" Vonnie Kohn, contemporary western landscape, Native art

I've been accepted!

Welcome news... from the curator of the Doss Heritage & Culture Museum in Weatherford, Tx--a town also known as the "cutting horse capital" of the world. The exhibit will be the month of September, 2011.  These paintings will be available for sale during the show.

I have just included "Cactus Heat" in my previous post (see below), but the second painting is not a is a skilled drawing on a metal plate, etched with acid baths, and then printed on a specially prepared rag paper. It is one of a limited edition of 20 etchings. (which means when the edition is completed, the plate will be destroyed).

This Etching is entitled: "A Rich Heritage." The image was inspired by many trips to
family gatherings, otherwise known as Powwows, as I observed the matriarchs in their finest Native American jewelry, fans, and prayer shawls. (The prayer shawl is required to step into the ring for is a sign of respect.)

Custom Frame size: 20 x 24
Neutral tone, triple-cut mat

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