Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Pomegranates with Lime"

I love pomegranates....they are both tasty and interesting to paint! I also love painting small works..aka..miniatures (altho' this is not a true miniature in the sense of scale). Painting on such a small canvas helps me to have a sense of immediancy in brushwork and spontaneity in composition and color. I don't get "buried in the details". Many painters have a blog advertising "a painting a day." I do not try to keep that schedule. There are too many wonderful ideas in my head that simply won't fit that daily rigor. The pomegranates in my kitchen, however, seemed to beg to be captured in this simple, but appealing still-life. Please feel free to enjoy...or maybe you'd like to buy a pomegranate & share my enthusiam?

Oil on Canvas...5 x 5" wrap (needs no frame)..

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