Thursday, August 26, 2010

"The Real Doll"-portrait of French, German dolls with "the real doll"

I have been painting furiously for an upcoming fine art show at the Dutch Art Gallery in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas. The dates are Nov 1st-Dec 31st. I would like to invite all to come and enjoy. Note that one of my paintings (right) will be in the show. This painting had it's moments! The trick was to paint the eyes of the dolls to look like glass, while the "real doll" had human eyes. A couple of times I had to paint out the eyes & start over...not an easy feat, considering that the colors in gouache are not easily duplicated! Also, I could only paint one doll a this was not one of those "painting-a-day" moments...

Gouache, 14 x 18, custom framed to 24 x 30 (If interested in glicees or note cards,

On another note, did you notice a new website listed in the upper right corner.. ? This is a 'sister' website to the Artists of Texas. I am fortunate to be listed among this wonderful group. Please check them out.

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