Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Rainbow in a Blue Vase"

When I was a younger artist, my mother-in-law had several bushes of hydrangeas planted in her front garden bed. She called them "snowball" plants. In memory of her, I planted a hydrangea bush in my front yard a few years ago. In our Texas heat, I had to take special care to put this bush in a partially shaded area...not an easy feat when there are few trees in the front yard! It has never done well; however, this year it was completely loaded with all the colors of this variety of flower--blues, pinks, lavendars, & even whites! As a homage to Spring (& my mother-in-law), I have put this Rainbow in a Blue Vase. Enjoy!
Oil on Canvas...11 x wrap (needs no frame)
This painting has just found a new home, but there are others to be found on my website:

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