Friday, October 24, 2014

October News-Jurying the Bosque Art Association, Clifton,Tx

Clifton, Texas is the home of the Bosque Art Classic annually held in the late Spring. The Art Center is a large facility that houses the Arts, including the Classic, local shows, and theater productions. The community of local artists not only volunteer to keep the gallery running and maintain the gift shop, but also help with painting set designs for the theater productions. I was honored to jury the Bosque Art Association's art show in the upper galleries.

With me is Karen, a dedicated volunteer who gave me the initial tour of the Art Center. She is a talented portrait painter who fills the walls of her residence with family and friends.
(Never mind the "wink" in my left brother was taking pictures and moving his mouth with a joke at the same time...candid shots are not always flattering!)
No matter what is said, being a juror is not a cake walk. There were some difficult decisions to be made because there were so many potential winners, and only a few awards to be given. I think anyone who is a creative soul deserves reward! Hopefully, these awards will encourage others to reach for the prize next year..thank you Bosque Art Association for a wonderful day.

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