Monday, August 10, 2009

"The Life of an Artist"

I have often heard the phrase, "artists march to the beat of a different drummer" true! I have just found a recent article that is so appropriate in describing what we do and what we are as artists. I quote: "The life of a visual fine artist is rewarding, satisfying, and sometimes, necessary. Like many other endeavors, it has its good points. We enjoy what we do..we can do it anywhere..we can do it in our pajamas..we enjoy the process. We can often make money at it..we can teach it...we can enjoy the process. Whilethe quality & beauty of our always in the eye of the beholder, it is a goal to seek out art collectors, gallery owners, or maybe even a museum do we cope with the emotional roller coaster of 'approval, income, the ups and downs of our careers?'" She has many thought provoking things to say...good advice for any level of artist! This article may be seen in its entirely at . Enjoy the read!


Pat Aube Gray said...

Thank you, Vonnie, for the reference to my article and the link to my blog to read it in its entirety. I much appreciate it and will put a link to your blog in a post about this.

Thanks for reading!

Vonnie Kohn said...

I was glad to post your have a way of putting the life of an artist in the proper's not a hobby; it's a life-calling with responsibility..:)