Saturday, October 17, 2009

"If I Can't Be a Surgeon, I'll Be An Artist"

One of my art students has many hats to of them is as a writer. Here is an example of her work:
"Lately I have considered myself to be one of the luckiest persons alive. Why? Because I am an artist. That may not be a big deal to you, but it is to me. There's been a lot of years when I just wasn't sure what my 'calling' was. I spent quite a few years as a substitute teacher & was actually very good at it. But it wasn't something I planned for, worked toward, dreamed of. I kinda fell into it & accidentally found I was good with middle school kids & could teach a lesson, & even make most of them pay attention while I taught it....But, the art side of me has always hovered near the surface...during an art class, I was told by several artists that I didn't need to get a degree unless I wanted to talent was there! Still, just because you decide you want to be a surgeon & can pull all the body parts out of the game Operation in record time, doesn't mean you can own your own scalpel (& use it). My criteria for being able to say, 'I'm an artist' has hinged on being able to sell any of my paintings.......well, I have! I'm going to be hung in a new restaurant! And I have 2 commissions!!..guess what...I'm an artist! Still, that statement & $2 will get me a venti green ginger tea at Starbucks (with 2 Splendas) habit, I need to continue to sell paintings..which means I need to produce paintings-which means I probably don't have time to mop floors or take out the trash much, much less cook dinner......If you need me, I'll be in my studio (back of the house). Come on in, visit, hang out, just don't get in my light. We artists are fussy about that."....If you're interested to read more & laugh, her link is: . Her name is Becky Arnold....enjoy the laughter!

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