Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Man's Best Friend"

Have you ever wanted to do a portrait of your best friend? No, I don't mean the human kind; I am talking about your pet. My little dachshund, Snoopy, (who lives up to that name, btw) is the perfect kind of studio "companion." He lies on a cushion next to the ceiling-to-floor window & watches for any intrusion that might disturb my inner sanctum. Of course, just when I am deeply focused on a fine detail in the painting, he begins to excitedly bark at the neighbor's goats or cows who lean over the fence to get that green blade of grass just out of their reach! More than once I have had to retrieve my paintbrush from the far corner after such an outburst. All in all, he makes a good & faithful companion, content to just be in the room with me, making no demands whatever, except foran occasional pat on the head. What more can you ask of a good friend?
oil on canvas, 12 x 16"
$125, unframed

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