Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Eye Candy Series"-#3/ Candy Corn, oil painting by Vonnie Kohn, Thanksgiving, small works

"Eye Candy Series, # 3/ Candy Corn"

4 x 4"

Gallery wrap (no frame needed)

$ 50

Thanksgiving is upon us!

In the United States we celebrate this  time of year when our forefathers celebrated their first year at Plymouth, Massachusetts during the 1600's with a time of Thanksgiving. There is a story in which food was so scarce that most days the Pilgrims only had a daily ration of 5 kernels of corn apiece.  The Pilgrims, refusing to give in to despair chose to trust in God, regardless of their circumstances. They considered these kernels of corn as a blessing. I chose to depict "Candy Corn" as commemorative of the stedfastness of our forefathers during this Thanksgiving season...let US be thankful!

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